Identity Theft Solutions

Identity Theft Solutions

If you do become a victim of Fraud or Identity Theft, take action immediately by contacting Achieva and any other financial institution you have a relationship with.  Whether in person, by phone, or email, your prompt action is very important as you may be liable if fraudulent activity isn't reported quickly!

  • Report the crime to your nearest police department and file a police report.
  • Call the fraud units of the three main credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus).
  • Monitor all your accounts closely.

At Achieva, we will do what we can to minimize your financial risk and get your identity back.

What you should know about reporting fraud and identity theft:

Report it now, not later!

All of the suggestions, tips and guidance provided in the above section are for informational purposes only.  They are general guidelines provided to assist fraud victims in understanding some of the steps they may take to help protect their personal and financial interests.  The suggestions are not all-inclusive and should not be considered nor interpreted as legal, accounting, financial or technical advice.  You may wish to consult your attorney, accountant or other advisor for specific advice, guidance or recommendations concerning this topic.