Safeguard Credit Cards

Safeguard Your
Checks & Credit Cards

Store your extra checks and deposit slips in a secure locked location and properly destroy canceled checks.  Never leave your checkbook in your vehicle.  Protect your checkbook and bank documents (including statements and canceled checks) so they aren't accessible to guests, contractors, repairmen, etc.  Protect your Debit and Credit card receipts.  Some receipts may bear the account number.

If your home is burglarized, check your supply of checks to determine if any have been stolen.  Look closely, since thieves will sometimes take only one or two checks from the middle or back of the book, so it's harder to determine that they are missing.

Purchase your checks and deposit slips from our approved check vendor to ensure quality of your check stock and the integrity of your account documents.  When you close out a bank account, be certain to destroy/shred your excess supply of checks and deposit slips.

Report lost or stolen checks, Debit cards, and Credit cards as soon as you discover they are missing.