Welcome to the New Look of ACHIEVA!


We’re not going anywhere, we’re just polishing up our look to commemorate our 75th anniversary! We will always be your local credit union that your family and business has trusted with all their finances.

It’s Achieva’s 75th Anniversary and we’re celebrating!  We are renewing our focus on our commitment to our community and our members. Our new brand represents our progressive stepping up of commitment to the highest standard of service, providing lifetime financial success to our membership and community. We always want to be raising the bar, and it is our promise of Banking for Good - For the Good of our members.

Rolling out in the next few weeks, you will continue to see the new look of Achieva on billboards around town, at branches and here online. We will also be releasing a new website soon which will be completely re-designed from ground up, so get ready for that too!

Have a ton of questions now? We have answered several of them here:

New Brand Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the new brand all about?

  • Why are we doing this?

  • Is the credit union safe?

  • Are any of our branches going to be closing?

  • I see the phrase “banking for good” has replaced our reference to “credit union” – What does “Banking For Good” mean?

  • Are we still a “credit union” since that does not appear on our logo any more?

  • As part of this announcement are we changing our name or are we involved in a buy-out, merger or something else that will change our ownership?

  • When will the website have the new logo?

  • Will we continue to do our community programs – Reindeer Trot and Box Car Rally?

  • Am I required to get new checks?

  • What about debit and credit cards?

  • Will our routing number change?

  • Will our website address and email addresses change?