Achieva's History

Our History

Historical Highlights

  • Founded in 1937 with $99.25 and 7 charter members, membership was limited to teachers in Pinellas County
  • In 1939, the office was moved to St. Petersburg High School
  • In 1950, membership reached 200; assets totaled $9,600; and name was changed to "Pinellas County Teachers Credit Union"
  • In 1955, membership reached 1,000; and assets totaled $250,000
  • In 1958, assets reached $1 million and the first interest refund was paid to borrowers
  • In 1959, the credit union office moved to the
    Tomlinson Adult Education Center, and had a staff of
    5 full time and 1 part-time employee
  • In 1968, withdrawals were made available by telephone
  • In 1972, the Clearwater branch was opened
  • In 1975, there were 16,200 members, and assets reached $27,659,000
  • In 1981, the mid-county branch was opened in Largo, membership was at 27,538, and assets were nearly $55,000,000
  • In 1984, the new main office building was opened in Largo
  • In 1985, the credit union was granted a community charter to include anyone who lived or worked in Pinellas County
  • In 1986, assets rose to over $125,000,000 and membership reached nearly 39,000
  • In 1988, Wendell Brooks became President/CEO
  • In 1993, the Palm Harbor branch, an automated, teller-less branch opened
  • In 1997, assets were $202,632,000 and Plaza 66 (teller-less branch) opened
  • In 1999, the Palm Harbor Branch became a full-service branch and moved to its current location on US 19
  • In 2001, assets jumped to $364,869,000; the Walmart branch (automated, in-store branch) opened in Pinellas Park - the first of its kind for any Pinellas County credit union
  • In 2003, we launched a joint venture with Northeast High School, opening the on-campus Viking Branch, the first of its kind in the Pinellas County area, and also expanded to include Pasco and Hernando counties
  • In 2004, we announced our name change from "Pinellas County Teachers Credit Union" to "Achieva Credit Union"
  • In 2006, assets reached $500,000,000; we opened our East Lake branch and our first free-standing branch in more than 20 years on Park Boulevard
  • In 2007, Wendell Brooks, President/CEO, retired
  • In 2008, Gary Regoli became President/CEO, assets reached $595,000,000, membership was approximately 66,000, and we opened new full-service branch in Pasco county
  • November 1, 2009; Achieva merged with Sarasota Coastal Credit Union
  • In 2010, we opened a new full-service branch in Dunedin
  • In 2012, we expanded our membership to include Lee and Collier counties

Major Milestones:

  • Founded in 1937 with 7 charter members
  • In 1950 named Pinellas County Teachers Credit Union
  • Became Community Chartered in 1985, serving Pinellas County
  • Expanded to Pasco County and Hernando Counties in 2003
  • Changed name to Achieva Credit Union in 2004, to better serve our members
  • Merged with Sarasota Coastal Credit Union in 2009, expanding membership to over 150 coastal miles and 7 Florida counties, and gaining 5 more branch locations