Debit MasterCard

MasterCard® debit card

Because carrying cash or a checkbook is so old school.

One card. So many possibilities! A MasterCard® debit card from Achieva gives you on-the-spot access to your checking account without ever having to write a check. Pay for your purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted, and enjoy free, convenient account access at Achieva and Publix® Presto! ATMs. 

What you should know:

  • No monthly debit card service charge!
  • Instant access to checking funds at ATMs and wherever MasterCard is accepted
  • All the convenience of a credit card with none of the interest charges
  • Free account access at all Achieva and Publix Presto! ATMs
  • For other ATM locations, use the online locator:
    Click here for ACCEL/Exchange network of ATMs
    NOTE: You may be charged a fee for using ATMs under this network
  • Hint: When given the choice between ‘debit’ and ‘credit’ at checkout, choose credit.  The funds will still be withdrawn from your checking account, and you’ll also receive MasterCard’s Chargeback purchase protection

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