Partners in Health

Partners in Health

At last, a cure for the common checking account.

If you’re a healthcare professional, we think it’s only fit that you’re recognized and rewarded for all you do.  Enter Partners in Health account package.  We’ve designed a program with a healthy set of benefits to help
simplify your life – and your banking needs.

What you should know:

Here’s to stress-free checking! Join now!

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*To qualify for this benefit, your Partners in Health account package must have direct deposit and an active checking account. Active means at least five monthly transactions whether deposits or debits (debit card transactions, checks, withdrawals in person or electronically processed) but excludes transfers made between accounts at Achieva Credit Union. Members will receive one “set” (1 pair of pants and 1 shirt) of healthcare scrubs, every 6-months. Proof of healthcare employment is required.


**Your choice of 50 or 120 free “Achieva style” checks. Limit one box, every 6-months, for life.