Consumer Credit Counseling Service is now CredAbility.
A new name for the same dedicated service we have provided since 1964.

In debt? Get in touch with CredAbility.

What you should know:

  • CredAbility is a non-profit and accredited organization dedicated to providing you with the most professional financial counseling and education services available.
  • Since 1964, we’ve helped thousands of consumers bounce back from debt, rebuild their credit and establish manageable budgets.

Other stuff you should know:

  • Achieva supports your decision to get help with your financial situation
  • The credit union will pay your initial sliding-scale counseling fee, a value ranging from $20-$25
  • If you decide to enroll in a debt management program, we will pay your $25 set-up fee as well
  • To take advantage of this benefit, identify yourself as a member of Achieva at your first CredAbility counseling session
  • Ready to be debt free? Click here to take the first step with CredAbility.