Safeguard Social Security Card

Your Personal Information

Your Social Security Number (SSN), credit card numbers, and other sensitive information are key pieces of information sought by identity thieves.  Use good judgment in where and how you carry this information with you.  For example, you generally don’t need to carry your Social Security Card with you, and you may only need to carry one credit card rather than multiple cards.  Consider storing unneeded information in a secure location in your home or safe deposit box rather than in your purse or wallet.  Protect your personal and account information at all times.  Treat this information as the valuable asset it is.

Never give out your Debit or Credit card PIN (Personal Identification Number).  We do not ask for your PIN or Password during the verification process.  Do not share your login access codes for Online Banking, Online Brokerage and Online Bill Pay services with third party providers.  Never write your PIN or Password on your Debit or Credit card.  Memorize your PIN or Password.